Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey guys,

Here are a few questions I receive constantly:

Q: Do you ever plan on actually producing the machinima? If not, can you help me with my scriptwriting (or write the script for me/let me use your script)?

A: I do plan on producing the machinima, eventually, but as of recently I've been a little strapped for cash, what with Valentines day coming up and birthdays. And if you're not more famous than me, then no, I'm not doing a collab with you. I mean, I'm not famous at all, I have 50 fans, maybe. If I ever decide that I'm not going to produce individually, then I'd maybe be willing to work with you, but the odds of that are pretty low.

Q: May I see your script?

A: Yeah, if I think I can trust you not to stealt the idea and produce it yourself, then I'll email you the script. And I'm not overly suspicous of sending out agents to steal my machinima so they can produce it themselves.

Q: I've looked at your script. Why is Kent such an immature ****?

A: Well, to tell you the truth, he's based off of me. I'm not exactly immature, but I love immature jokes. I mean, they're funny and stupid: what's not to like?

Q: How do you lower your character's weapon?

A: ...You're kidding right? Why ask me?

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Ehh, maroon, I guess.

Q: Who inspired you to become a machinima director?

A: (Finally a real question) The first machinima I ever saw was Digital Ph33r. Watching Master Chief curse in an illiterate, drunken rage made my jaw drop. I remember gasping at every DEM cliff hanger. Then I saw Rooster Teeth (and for months was convinced their name was Rooster Tech, due to my poor vision and poor computer screen quality). Although Digital Ph33r made me love machinima, it was Rooster Teeth that inspired me to create one of my own. I am also a huge fan of GuitarmasterX7, the Pregame lobby guys, Running Gun Studios, Optimum Forge Productions, Shiruken/TreeSkunkProductions, and all the others (except for the five year old kids')

Q: Where do you live?

A: Take it easy there M.J.

Q: Any advice a machinima director like me?

A: Don't voice act for more than three characters. It sounds like crap. I have a team of people acting for me, whereas Digital Ph33r's pride prevents him for asking for help with his machinima, and it sounds like it's one person the entire friggin time. He can pull it off with three people, but not with ten. His new episodes are increasingly confusing, since he has about 7 characters, each one's voice differing in deepness, barely.
Also, don't be afraid to spend extra money. If there is one mike that costs $30 and has pads for the ears to help eliminate background noise, then choose that one over the $20 one that can't eliminate background noise.

That's really it, thanks, I love the questions. The brighten up my day, they really do.


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