Friday, January 30, 2009

Spread the Word

Hey guys,

I'm just sending out a general alert: Publicize this blog! Remember, the more people that want me to make the machinima, the more compelled I will be to finish (well, start (the actual filming that is, not the scriptwriting, set designing and costume design, I've already done all that (well, most of it))) the machinima.

So, you know, if you're bored and you don't know what to say, just say, "Hey, dude, you remember Arby and the Chief (or Master Chief sucks at halo, Beans, Master Chief, Pregame Lobby, or whatever machinima you guys like)? There's some dude who's making a funny one. "TheFantomLegend" or something like that. I was reading his blog, and his machinima looks like it'll be pretty good. Wanna check it out later or something?"

Or you can abbreviate that, you can ad-lib. But thanks in advance, guys and girls (who are we kidding, like a there's a single girl reading this site. DigitalPh33r has millions of viewers and like 100 of them are girls). Really appreciate it :).

Ok, I take the ":)" back. I can't do emoticons. I stink at them. Right? I mean, I put it next to a period. Does that kill the effect...just a little? Whatever.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preview of Deceit: Episode 1

Hey guys,

Thought you might want to see a small preview of Deceit: Episode 1. As you can clearly tell, I am torn between naming my episodes (which will make recognizing them a lot easier) and just numbering them (which will save me time, but will also make them seem more bland (and, guys, bland, it's such a crappy word, right? Who wants that?)).

Either way here you go. It's not the main part (though that would help you understand it a lot better) but I want to keep the main part to myself. This is just a tiny snippit of the script. Well, several tiny pieces. And just for fun, I've assorted them randomly. Here goes:

Allen: Tanner, you there?

Kent: Yeah, I’m here. Shocker, huh? What with all the places I have to go and all the people I have to see. Hey, from the report I gave you a week ago, was that evidence enough to convict these guys?

Allen: Yep, even the U.N. General, thought that espionage, sabotage, grand theft auto, and illegal weapon possession was enough crime to convict someone, even on Tyche.

Kent: Really?

Allen: Well, actually, it was the tax fraud that really made up the general’s mind.

Kent: I pay attention to detail…And I like to eavesdrop on conversations. Did you know that Bungie is making some stupid game about some super soldier fighting off aliens, and stopping some shit with “Halo’s”?

Martelli: Christ, those guys over at Bungie come up with the lamest ideas, they’re such morons. Like that idea’d ever make money.

Allen: Girls, if you’re done with your tea party, then would you mind if we could get back on task…?

Kent: Well, the armor looks durable.

Allen: You’ll get new armor as well, except yours will be of a different design.

Kent: How ‘bout their weapons training? How’s that?

Allen: Tanner, I’m insulted that you even have to ask.

Kent: Then I’m doing my job right.

Allen: Top notch, these are my best men.

Kent: Other than me, though, right?

Allen: See, now if I say yes, you’ll want a pay raise

Kent: I get paid for this job too? Whoa, I thought all I got was essentials money.

Allen: That is all you get.

Kent: So who was the best guy you had again?

So, yes, sorry, no action parts but they look like crap on paper - er, type. You'll like them a lot better actually seeing them. And as you've probably gathered, Kent Tanner and James Allen are the main characters in the story. And if you think some parts are a little jumpy, it's because you have to read the whole thing.
Which I will be granting on request to people I like. Also, spread the news. I'm dying here. I haven't gotten mail from a fan in weeks!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

360 Good to Go

Hey guys,

Good news. I was able to fix my 360, and I bought a new Rock band 2 disc (Microsoft wouldn't replace it). I've also picked out the capture card I want, and will be able to buy it by the end of next week, minimum. I also have picked out my computer mic.

However, I'm going to delay production for another month or so. I mean, with the new map pack coming out, why should I start a series where I'll be using the same sets repeatedly when the new map pack might have the perfect maps for my machinima. Disappointing, yet good at the same time! Of course, it'll either make all my hard work make me feel like crap or it'll make me regret waiting to make the machinima after the map pack came out, despite my intuition that it'd have the perfect maps.

Not quite sure how things'll work out, but I can assure you that after I check out the new map pack, I'll have a colorful response to it posted right here!