Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Post

Hey, I've finally set this site/blog/thing up! It only took...27 tries to correctly write those little letter things. You know those things where it has a word in a weird font and you have to write the word down so it proves you're making the account. Well, I suck at those, it took at least 27 tries, my history bar was filled with those pages. Anyway, I made this thing so I can keep my fans updated. Yes, so now Bill AND Ted will never be kept out of the loop. So, now, back to business. For my series "Deceit" (that's its name until I come up with a better name), the script for episode one is more or less done. I just have to make small adjustments for language realisticisy, and I realized you can't make computers OR radios on "The Pit" so I'm trying to put on a radio telecast on (and no, I can't use those giant TV's in the room with the sword, it's already in use), so viewers can see where the voice is coming from, but I can't find anywhere near where the main character will be to do it. Hey, I know, maybe one of you guys have an idea. Say you are facing one of those giant TV screens in that sword room. Back out and go to the left, the LEFT. Then go to that second story area where snipers looooove to be spawned. On the unenclosed area, where could he be watching/listening to a news show and on what?

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