Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preview of Deceit: Episode 1

Hey guys,

Thought you might want to see a small preview of Deceit: Episode 1. As you can clearly tell, I am torn between naming my episodes (which will make recognizing them a lot easier) and just numbering them (which will save me time, but will also make them seem more bland (and, guys, bland, it's such a crappy word, right? Who wants that?)).

Either way here you go. It's not the main part (though that would help you understand it a lot better) but I want to keep the main part to myself. This is just a tiny snippit of the script. Well, several tiny pieces. And just for fun, I've assorted them randomly. Here goes:

Allen: Tanner, you there?

Kent: Yeah, I’m here. Shocker, huh? What with all the places I have to go and all the people I have to see. Hey, from the report I gave you a week ago, was that evidence enough to convict these guys?

Allen: Yep, even the U.N. General, thought that espionage, sabotage, grand theft auto, and illegal weapon possession was enough crime to convict someone, even on Tyche.

Kent: Really?

Allen: Well, actually, it was the tax fraud that really made up the general’s mind.

Kent: I pay attention to detail…And I like to eavesdrop on conversations. Did you know that Bungie is making some stupid game about some super soldier fighting off aliens, and stopping some shit with “Halo’s”?

Martelli: Christ, those guys over at Bungie come up with the lamest ideas, they’re such morons. Like that idea’d ever make money.

Allen: Girls, if you’re done with your tea party, then would you mind if we could get back on task…?

Kent: Well, the armor looks durable.

Allen: You’ll get new armor as well, except yours will be of a different design.

Kent: How ‘bout their weapons training? How’s that?

Allen: Tanner, I’m insulted that you even have to ask.

Kent: Then I’m doing my job right.

Allen: Top notch, these are my best men.

Kent: Other than me, though, right?

Allen: See, now if I say yes, you’ll want a pay raise

Kent: I get paid for this job too? Whoa, I thought all I got was essentials money.

Allen: That is all you get.

Kent: So who was the best guy you had again?

So, yes, sorry, no action parts but they look like crap on paper - er, type. You'll like them a lot better actually seeing them. And as you've probably gathered, Kent Tanner and James Allen are the main characters in the story. And if you think some parts are a little jumpy, it's because you have to read the whole thing.
Which I will be granting on request to people I like. Also, spread the news. I'm dying here. I haven't gotten mail from a fan in weeks!


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