Wednesday, January 14, 2009

360 Good to Go

Hey guys,

Good news. I was able to fix my 360, and I bought a new Rock band 2 disc (Microsoft wouldn't replace it). I've also picked out the capture card I want, and will be able to buy it by the end of next week, minimum. I also have picked out my computer mic.

However, I'm going to delay production for another month or so. I mean, with the new map pack coming out, why should I start a series where I'll be using the same sets repeatedly when the new map pack might have the perfect maps for my machinima. Disappointing, yet good at the same time! Of course, it'll either make all my hard work make me feel like crap or it'll make me regret waiting to make the machinima after the map pack came out, despite my intuition that it'd have the perfect maps.

Not quite sure how things'll work out, but I can assure you that after I check out the new map pack, I'll have a colorful response to it posted right here!


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